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The Mother of Beauty

“The graduate I am most proud of is Marilyn Monroe. Not only because she is the most successful and well-known of my students, but because she started with the least…”

—  Emmeline Snively

Emmeline Snively, (The Blue Book Modeling Agency), was a “Mother of Beauty” for hundreds of Hollywood models and actresses in the 1940’s-1960’s.

Against the rich backdrop of post war wounds and escapism, the film explores how a new concept of beauty was created, a concept that became the face of Hollywood till today.

Van Osch films has obtained exclusive access to the personal archives of the Blue Book Modeling Agency, shedding a powerful light on the idea, and perhaps the ideal of beauty.

Our production team has discovered and interviewed Blue Book Models ages 80’s and 90’s. Memories of youth, experience, aging and mortality create a history of time and place filled with humor, sadness and everything in-between as these men and women navigated Hollywood and all its promises.